Mohegan Sun Winefest 2012

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With 11,000 attendees, the SunFest 2012 food and wine celebration at Mohegan Sun Jan. 28-29th proved its most successful ever.  WINAM Wines’ booth featuring Sassy Bitch Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Merlots were slammed for six hours each day as guests enjoyed more than 3200 samples of Sassy Bitch wine.

One thousand women strong March for Sassy Bitch Wines.  Lined up for six hours, four deep, for two-days, women, and yes, men, received Sassy Bitch temporary tattoos from Sassy Bitch founder Tami Fricks and WINAM’s Clark Denis, David Brogan, Lori Lawlor and team. More than 1000 guests strutted through Mohegan Sun sporting Sassy Bitch tattoos.

WINAM’s Sassy Bitch Wines to Sponsor Humorist/Author Sean Cronin’s Book Tour

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FARMINGTON, CT–WINAM Wines’ Sassy Bitch Chilean wine collection today announced that it will sponsor a multi-city book tour conducted by the noted humorist and author Sean Cronin of Connecticut.

The first book signing will be at The Elbow Room, Farmington Ave., West Hartford, CT on JUNE 15th from 5-6:30 PM. The new novel is entitled Sharp 9th, A Skinner Malloy Mystery Novel.

WINAM will showcase its white hot line of Sassy Bitch wines including unoaked Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet. It is rapidly becoming America’s fastest growing Chilean import nationally and Connecticut was the second state to launch the brand.

Cronin’s main character is a rock musician and former combat Marine.  He carved out a decent music career until he trashed the men who raped his band mate–Gillian Carroll.  Skinner Malloy is out on parole and his gigs have dried up.

As Gilliam Carroll tries to heal herself after the assault, she seeks the stability of her advertising job.  But her employer, Consolidated Insurance, has her employment terminated.  But the firing is bogus. And what’s worse is that someone is spreading lies related to the firing.

Gillian and Skinner search for the real reason surrounding termination and find Consolidated Insurance associates are dying under freak circumstances.

And haltingly, they find their inextricably woven journey yields feelings that she thought were lost in her assault; feelings he felt were destroyed in combat.

Then Gillian disappears.

As Skinner searches for her, he faces a new type of enemy: corporatecriminals, private security thugs; shady cops; and sadistic pornographers.

Simultaneously he confronts his own debilitating flashbacks and rediscovers his affinity for extreme violence.

It’s a hunt neither Skinner’s combat nor rock n’ roll experience could never foretell.

Cronin has weaved a mystery, love story and expose and Sharp 9th reveals a world of murder, corruption, conspiracy and a search for love.

Cronin, a Fortune 500 marketing, advertising and research executive, has been an acclaimed humorist who focuses upon women’s issues regarding their relationships with men.  He also is a musician with four Indy Albums under his belt and wrote songs that appear in  Sharp 9th, his first novel.

Sharp 9th is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, e-book or paper.



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Crazy Bruce’s Liquors, 176 Newington  Rd., Elmwood (West Hartford) is one of Connecticut’s fastest-growing stores and with the grand opening of its newest store will prove to be one of the most popular. And starting today it will offer four of the white-hot line of WINAM Wines’ Sassy Bitch Wines from Chile.  Crazy Bruce will have Sassy B’s Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

You’ll also see that it will be one of only 12 retailers in the state to feature two of WINAM’s incredible Alaskan vodkas. One is an Alaskan-potato-based Permafrost Vodka, the 2nd highest rated Vodka ever by the Beverage Tasting Institute at 96 points and a coveted Platinum medal. It ” described it as “…superlative. An exceptionally clean, seamless, and delicious vodka. Amazing!”  It is produced with 10,000-year-old glacier water harvested from Prince William Sound icebergs naturally calved from glaciers and are destined to melt into seawater.  It is sold in a handful of states.

In addition, Crazy Bruce’s will carry Alaska Distillery’s newest Vodka–a grain-based example of similar quality–Frostbite.

You’ll find the incredible clarity, purity and finish of both vodkas will be a dramatic departure from the “hot” vodkas one has experienced.

And you’ll be encouraged to look for Ramian Estate’s Parlay The Bookmaker Red blend of Cabernet, Syrah and Petite Syrah, which has taken Casinos by storm.  The legendary Dean & Deluca store in California, has featured it as its “go-to-red blend for two years.”

Want a Sassy Sales Position?

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We are a start-up boutique and high-volume wine distributor in Connecticut we are offering a few part-time sales positions which could lead to full-time careers. Training, commissions and sales incentives will be provided to motivated individuals who are passionate about wine and are looking for an opportunity to enter this dynamic industry. Contact resume@winamwines. com

Tabor House supporters recognized with UoH Humanitarian Award

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Loretta and David Dyson have won the University of Hartford Humanitarian Service Award

The award will be presented at homecoming weekend at a ceremony on October 22.

“The award recognizes individuals (graduates of the UofH) who have made outstanding  meritorious contributions to the improvement, promotion, development and progress of human welfare. Recipients have demonstrated exceptional dedication to selfless service and have taken personal responsibility for serving the communities in which they live.”

Loretta started the Tabor House GIANT Tag Sale, held at the Convent of the Sisters of St Joseph in West Hartford, 17 years ago to benefit the Tabor House AIDS residences, and David has taken over in recent years as Event Manager.  The Tag sale has grown to become one of the region’s most important annual humanitarian events.

One of 14 of Winam wines 501-c 3 charities, Tabor House is proudly supported by Winam.

Tabor House17th Annual GIANT Tag Sale

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GIANT Tag Sale and Sassy Bitch Wines
The 17th Annual GIANT Tag Sale takes place rain or shine Thursday, July 14 from 5 – 8 p.m. (special wine(Sassy Bitch Wines)/cheese preview $10 admission), Friday, July 15 from 9 am – 8 p.m. ($1 admission) and Saturday, July 16 from 8 am – 3 p.m. (free).

There is a large silent auction every day. As always, the sale will be held at the Convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph, 27 Park Road. Ample on-site and street parking is available.

Cheshire’s Southend Wine & Spirits Welcomes New Wine and Vodka Collection.

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Jim Barbato’s highly regarded store has seven new additions to its wide-ranging offerings.  They are headed by Alaska Distillery’s Permafrost Vodka, rated 96 points, “extraordinary,” and recipient of the Beverage Tasting Institute’s Platinum medal, the second highest rated Vodka EVER.

And if you are unable to visit Connecticut’s or California’s casinos, you’ll find that acclaimed winemaker Brian Graham’s red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, 71% and  additions of Petite Syrah, Syrah and a touch of Zinfandel make it the best grilling and meat bet for summer.

On Friday, Jim Barbato will be pouring Ramian’s  Parlay The Bookmaker red blend.  Try in and you’ll want to bring it home for the weekend.

And if you would love a little structure, and body not to mention taste to your Rose, then you’ll find Ramian’s minuscule production (135 cases for the world), memorable. Sold in only two states, it is produced from Syrah grapes and will rival France’s finest Rose’s.

An jim will be pouring arguably California’s finest and rarest Rose Saturday but act quickly.  Of the 135 cases produced, only 12 remain and they’re all in Connecticut.

The fastest growing import from Chile reaching America’s is all about fun. It’s the Sassy Bitch line of wines–a crisp, unoaked Chardonnay; a well-structured Pinot Noir; a Merlot rated a Best Buy by wine journals, and a Cabernet that will rival anything in the $20 range.

You’ll love the shop, an area fixture since 1980, located at 910 South Main Street, Cheshire, CT 06410.  Telephone 203-671-6329.

And grab one of the shop’s business cards when you visit. You’ll see a gift for you on the back, good for $6 off your next six bottles of wine to drink in good health.

Founder of Sassy Bitch Wines Tami Fricks at Mohegan WineFest.

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Founder of Sassy Bitch Wines Tami Fricks of Georgia is shown at Mohegan Sun’s Sol Toro Restaurant during SunFest 2011 on Jan. 30. Sol Toro is first restaurant in state to carry Sassy Bitch line of Chilean wines. The restaurant runs several Sassy Girl’s Night Out and Sassy Bachelorette parties.