Sassy Bitch Wine Cocktail on Fox 61!

Posted March 8th, 2013

Wine Cocktails are HOT! And, this Sassy Bitch Wine Cocktail is SIZZLING! It features Sassy Bitch Pinot Noir, a great Chilean wine with tasting notes of raspberry, black currant, plum and smokey oak, mixed in with Cheribundi’s Cacao/Cherry Juice, a touch of vanilla simple syrup and Frangelico and topped with cream soda. The garnish, by Dress The Drink, is a Jicama stick infused with lemon/chocolate/coconut milk and flakes/chipotle/caramel and sea salt. Shaking up the segment is Fox 61?s Logan Byrnes, Erika Andres and Tami Fricks, owner and founder of Sassy Bitch Wine. Click on the link below to watch the segment!

Sassy Bitch Wine Cocktail of Fox 61